Terms of sale

Dear customer,

Sale :

  • Any order of works implies, on behalf of the buyer, the unconditional acceptance of terms of sale below.

Price :

  • The price offers are valid during 1 month as from the date of the formulation.
  • Prices are established net and the VAT is not applicable, art 293 B of the CGI.
  • They are subject to revision in case of variation of one or several constituent valuable elements (leaf fiber, cotton wool shoved)
  • Any unforeseen in the execution of the works will be communicated to the buyer.

Deadline :

  • Our deadlines are indicative and can give rise in case of delay to no compensation, reduction in price or cancellation of order.
  • However if the delay was to be upper to 3 months, the buyer has the faculty to ask for the termination of the order, the refund of the paid advances however, it does not mean that a compensation in any respect whatsoever can be demanded.

Complaint :

  • Complaints on invoices are not acceptable if they are formulated in writing less than eight days after the date of invoicing / delivery.
  • Do not give rise to guarantee :
  • - The premature wear due to an abnormal use
    - In an unfit cleaning
    - In the action of the external agents

Payment :

  • Our terms of payment get on :
  • - A third with order
    - Rest when i get the piece
  • On no account a complaint justifies a delay in the payment.

Thank you for your understanding.

Workshop Crin & Cie